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What we are building...

   Starting in 2004 we have been developing online networks and while doing this we
collected some websites to serve our local communities.

   After doing this for other clients for a number of years we decided to develop these
community sites with qualified sites for the specific things we help people to advertise.

   We even threw in some more categories to allow for a broader range of advertising

- A business directory...
Almost anything for sale...
- Jobs and resume databases...
- Candidates for office...
- Personal ads...                                                                                   
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   Then we wanted to make it special and afford something which other online
marketing systems do not afford users. An advertisers section devoted completely
to the Member where only their ads are displayed (No Outside Ads) and we included
the ability to embed a video, keep a web blog and 24/7 editing capabilities from any
computer hooked to the internet.

   Our ads will be displayed on top-ranking websites... and because the ads are fed to
the search engines from so many sources... they will attain top ranking which in turn
will give you targeted and qualified visitors interested in what you have to offer.

   Take the time to join now and then you can save searches, get notified when someone
is advertising something you are interested in... and every member gets a multi-page
member section where they can promote themselves. From your member account
you can buy ads for far less than what it would cost you to advertise in any other
medium while you benefit from our years of experience in building and promoting
these multi-site networks.


The Wilsons of Bowdon Georgia
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